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Just like every other ending of the year, at the end of 2019, every citizen of the world had new year resolutions for year 2020, we all were hoping to give lost opportunities a second chance, go to countries we have never visited, buy new cars, learn new things, improve our careers, get closer to our families, buy second houses, be a better person, develop new applications to solve more world problems, get married to our loved ones, have better relationships, etc.

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Coronavirus induced Work-from-Home Policies Could actually work for the benefit of Companies and Employees

It is no more news that the novel coronavirus outbreak has become a pandemic. The outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China was declared a pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday, 11th March, 2020 as it spreads to at least 131 countries, sickened more than 156,800 people, with at least 5,762 recorded deaths as at Sunday Morning, 15th, March, 2020. This has led to governments of different nations shutting down borders, Schools and Malls closed, imposed quarantines on arriving citizens, travel bans and the latest which include companies imposing compulsory work-from-home policies for employees in order to curtail the spread of the deadly virus. The stark in human and economic impacts on businesses cannot be over-emphasized.

Corona Virus Map
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