On daily basis, so many individuals turn back on their dreams because of they try and fail on some attempts prompting them to look the other ways. Some never even try to do anything because of fear of failure. Others try to learn from other people’s failure and avoid some mistakes make by them and thrive in the end. Others just won’t try because of what the world would say if they failed.

Others have however defy all odds to become the greatest in whatever they choose in their lives regardless of their backgrounds or whatever their former situations were. They have learnt from others, tried their own ways, failed several times and just tried it another way and eventually achieved their definite goals.

Persistent Minds was created to inspire people to try and do something by telling stories about those who have tried in the past and had become successful for it. Those who have risen from defeat to create something bigger than them and changed the world.

Also, Persistent Minds features information technology developments, news, Software Testing and Quality Assurance.

I am Ademola, I am a Software Engineer at Liberty Mutual Information Technology which is a member of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, a fortune 100 company with Headquarters in the USA and over 800 offices around the world. The purpose of this project is to give IT info and news to the world and provide encouragement to lads who might want to give up on their dreams probably because of some obstacles. These  I intend to do in my spare times.


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